The following are the terms and conditions of sale by Coastal Pad and Promotional Printing and as such it is important that they a read and fully understood prior to any transactions.


All orders must be submitted in writing clearly stating the product being supplied with its item description, quantity of each item, its current packaging and repackaging requirements, all printing requirements, colours, print location and size, your contact and delivery details. This can be in the form of an email or if you have your own purchase order please send us a copy listing your Current Client Listed Prices along with your intention to proceed with the order. No verbal orders are considered as an approval to proceed. Coastal Pad and Promotional Printing is not bound by any terms, conditions, stipulations or prices contained on customer’s own purchase order forms if they do not match the provided term and conditions, current clients price list or as per a requested quote provided.


All Items requested for quote will receive a written quote. Your quote will include the total cost of the product printed, listing product description, branding details for each item, set up and printing fee/s applicable, lead-times or delivery time frames from approval of artwork and any freight costs to your delivery location that may be applicable.

Once you have received your formal quotation you can view your quote online, you now could make any changes or comments if required prior to acceptance, if you would like to proceed, please except and approve via the quote and we will be notified automatically to process to an Invoice and billed accordingly. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure all product details, colours and layouts are correct as once approved is very unlikely to stop, cancel or alter without full payment once commenced.


Preferably payments can be made through Direct bank deposits. Payment are to be made in full by all PREPAID customers prior to any production commencement, a deposit of 50% with orders received by valued loyal customers who will be advised via the invoice with the full balance payable prior to dispatch. All 30-day account holder’s full payment of outstanding invoices will be paid by their respective arranged strict 30-day due dates. When paying by bank transfer please note the order will not commence until deposit is received and remittance received.


  • If exact quantities are required, overs must be supplied. Whilst all care is taken, product can be damaged during the set up/printing process and mould process required for printing all items.
  • We will print all product supplied and are not obliged to count or quality control supplied products.
  • All metal objects require pre-treatment and curing in oven overnight, fees do apply.
  • All metal objects must be repackaged into protective sleeves or poly bags prior to shipping for print protection, fees do apply.
  • Unpack/repack. Conducted for all products, due care will be taken to ensure packaging remains in the supplied condition and all items repackaged as received for re shipping, fees do apply.
  • The customer shall indemnify Coastal Pad Printing from all claims and costs relating to infringement of copyright or intellectual property rights in respect of printing logos or artwork onto customers’ product.
  • Coastal Pad and Promotional Printing is the owner of all film, plates and screens used in printing the customers’ product

Whilst we endeavour to ensure the products are the exact quantity and artwork replicated, it is not uncommon and perfectly acceptable to allow up to 2% in variances to occur as all products are not identical which could be in print location, colours, alignments, including total quantities received and deemed as full and acceptable, requiring full payment.


Coastal Pad and promotional Printing factory is fitted with fully imported Switzerland machinery capable of 1-4 colours. Our aim is to ensure accurate PO / Invoice pricing always however we maintain the right to adjust the prices without notice if the situation should occur with increased production cost due to a product requiring extra slow printing rates or extra handling, packaging requirements not anticipated until the product arrived. We will ensure to give immediate notice by email if this is required and give at least 30 days written notice when any fixed client pricing changes should this need to occur. It is our common practise to conduct pricing reviews and adjustments as required at the end of each year respectively.


Those seeking 30 day accounts must firstly place a minimum of 3 orders per month, after which customers are welcome to request an account application which conditions apply. Accounts held are strictly based on 30 days net from invoice received basis. Government or school / tertiary entities that supply a purchase order will automatically be granted 30 day accounts from receipt of invoice.

Overdue Accounts / Late Payments

Coastal Pad and Promotional Printing will peruse non-payment of goods or services to the full extent of the law. All expenses including without limitation, legal expenses, all debt collection agency fees and any other costs incurred on its recovery will be sought.

Interest of 1.5% per month, calculated daily will apply

Pre-Production Sample

We are very happy to provide a sample if you feel it is a requirement, MI fees and set ups do apply including payment prior to production of the sample.


In circumstances a cancelled order is required, the customer must firstly apply in writing. If the order has been approved and branding has commenced, it is the customer’s responsibility to pay for and will be charged for the goods in full or any costs incurred and or any restocking fees and charges applicable.

Returns / Claims

If you have received poorly branded products we do apologise, sometimes these things happen beyond our control. We ask you to advise of the quantity and send us images showing the product for our team to assess, please do not use any of the products, it is a requirement that the full product supplied may require to be returned in its original packaging and to be fully inspected freight at your cost. Our team will then reply within 24-48 hours. All claims must be notified in writing and must be made within 7 days from receipt of goods, claims made after 7 days or damage products supplied, received, including misuse or deliberate will not be considered. Faulty printing of products will try to be rectified or when required reprint the unusable quantity ONLY. We do not resupply any products if a reprint is requested and the original products are un reusable. Coastal Pad and Promotional Printing reserves the right to determine if claimable, the product is reprinted or refunded. Product will need to be resupplied if requested.

Delivery/ Shipping

Coastal Pad and Promotional Printing makes every effort to deliver goods on or before dates advised by the customer and will provide a connote number for all shipment tracking. Coastal Pad and Promotional Printing will not be liable for goods lost or misplaced and failure to meet deadline dates including; transport delay local, interstate or international couriers, customs, fire, accidents, flood, natural disaster, war or “acts of god”, theft or vandalism that are beyond our control. If your event date has unfortunately been effected, we apologise but do not offer any compensation for such occurring.    Our Standard turnaround is 5 days from approval, product received to dispatch.

Colours - Multi-colour Pad Printing from 1-4 colours

The branding industry recognises the pantone solid coated colour chart or PMS colour chart as a standard guide to reproduce an exact colour match, please note in some cases cannot always be exact, Pad printing PMS colours may vary slightly depending on product, material and colours used. Coastal Pad and Promotional Printing will ensure to mix and visually match to the best of our ability the artwork PMS colour provided. Colour differences of up to 2 shades lighter or darker are deemed perfectly acceptable.

Artwork on products

All artwork to be supplied in the correct format preferably by EPS vector file allowing colour separations, in full colour on the preferred product and layout. If you require artwork assistance it will be charged at $55 + GST hourly.
A formal proof for approval will be provided, this will be emailed and will include quantity of the order, branding method, branding size, print position and print colour. The proof should be thoroughly checked by the customer before approving and returned as fast as possible to ensure delivery dates are met. Any approved orders that are then stopped due to error may result in fees or charges where applicable. No branding will commence unless approval has been supplied via return email.


Coastal Pad and Promotional Printing shall be in no way liable or responsible for any loss or damages caused in result to the accuracy of information and specifications contained in this website. All amounts expressed or described in these terms and conditions are GST exclusive.